Conditional Verb Forms

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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DIRECTIONS: Change the following sentences into untrue conditional statements. In order to do this exercise correctly, you must
1.Decide if the sentence is about situation B or C,
2.Use the appropriate conditional verb forms for the if and result clauses (look at the chart in Lesson 2 on conditional verb forms).
3. Total 25 points

Example 1: Maria feels tired all the time because she goes to bed so late.

(B)But if Maria didn’t go to bed so late, she wouldn’t feel all the time.
This condition is about situation B because the original sentence is in the present/future.
Example 2:Maria felt tired all day because she went to bed so late last night

(C)But if Maria hadn’t gone to bed so late, she wouldn’t have felt
tired all day.
This condition is about Situation C because the original sentence is in the past. -2 = 92

1.There are so many bugs in the room because there isn’t a screen on
the window.
( B )But if there were screen on the window, there wouldn’t be so many bugs in the room.

2.I didn’t buy a bicycle because I didn’t have enough money.
( C )But if I had had enough money, I would have bought a bicycle.

3. I won’t buy a bicycle because I don’t have enough money.
( B )But if I had enough money, I would buy a bicycle.

4.You got into trouble because you didn’t listen to me.
( C)But if you had listened to me, you wouldn’t have gotten into trouble.

5.The woman didn’t die because she received immediate medical attention.
( C )But if the woman hadn’t received immediate medical attention, she would have died.

6.Nadia wasn’t admitted to the university because she didn’t pass the entrance exam.
(C )But if she had passed the entrance exam, Nadia would have been admitted to the university.

7.We ran out of gas because we didn’t...
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