Concussions in Sports

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Concussions in sports
Concussions are common in many sports, but in particular, football has the most by a majority. Many players will lie about a concussion they’ve had in a game so they can keep playing because they will often get little game time in a season and a concussion means sitting out longer. Regardless, a player needs to make sure to always prioritize safety. As well, I think sports doctors need to be stricter when a player takes a hit.

I think the sport is ok to remain but players should always recognize the risks involved when playing and make sure to avoid taking hits as much as possible. I think if a player gets hit and requires medical attention the team should pay for the bill because they are a team and they’re meant to look out for each other. Avoiding getting hit is always the most important piece though.

Sports doctors should also pull out players if there is a slight suspicion that the player has a concussion, or any kind of injury. This could hopefully minimize the long term injury to players in the end. However, players need to be honest if they’re not all together and can’t play effectively.

Players should make sure to watch their health and attempt to play as safe as they can in games to avoid damage that can affect them in the future. Doctors should also pull players out when the player takes a hard hit, or a temporary substitution at the very least and make the player sit out for a few minutes.
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