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By | October 2012
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Taylor Ainsworth

Never Lose Faith
“Failure happens all the time. It happens every day in practice. What makes you better is how you react to it,” this is said by one of the most famous female athletes know in this world. Mia Hamm, not only was she a record setter, but she was also my role model growing up and learning how to play soccer. This quote was in a book she wrote called, Go For the Goal. My parents gave me this book when I was ten years old and falling completely in love with this game called soccer. I was on a couple of traveling club teams that kept me really busy. My dad was my coach, a very knowledgeable man of the game. He also grew up playing this beautiful game, and played a year in college. My dad also coached six years at Columbus Lakeview, and he helped coach one year at Columbus Scotus. He has taught me everything I know about soccer. Growing up, he was also my high school coach for my first three years. I had an awesome freshman year of soccer. It was so much fun; I was playing well and really loved what I was doing. Sophomore year came, and I was tested. This experience had the ability to either break me, or make me stronger and more in love with the game. The thing was, I felt like I was falling out of love for this game that I had grown up playing since I was five. I felt burn out, and was exhausted. A part of me just wanted a break, some time to relax. After this journey was over, I was able to tell who I really was. In high school, soccer season is in the spring, which meant that I needed to condition myself through fall and winter. This way, I was ready for soccer when the season began. I did not do all that I could to get in shape. I just did not feel it in me to condition as much. I was doing something things, going to open gyms, or conditioning with the team. But, I hardly ever went out and did extra work to make myself better and ready for season. When soccer finally started, I realized quickly that I was not in the best of...

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