Topics: Deferred gratification, Gratification, Angelina Jolie Pages: 3 (956 words) Published: March 30, 2013

As with almost every aspect of “developed” or “first world” culture, a cloud of laziness accompanies any call to a challenge. Although finding an easier means of overcoming obstacles has been rooted in human existence since we came to roam the earth, it appears we have achieved a new level of indolence. Understanding abstract philosophical or religions bares no exception. To witness this one need look no further than todays pop culture. A quick Google search of “celebrity tattoos” yields upwards of 54 million results in a little over 2 tenths of a second. Riddled among the image results are countless crosses, Taijitu’s, words in Sanskrit and other philosophical or religious symbols. Riddled among these are famous rapper “lil wayne”, actress Angelina Jolie and pop celebrity Pamela Anderson. I do not necessarily condone assumptions, however, I believe it would be safe to say that these, among countless other, harbor symbols as an easy or careless means of professing a devotion to a specific ideology. Furthermore, an ideology that know little or nothing about. I may well be wrong and perhaps they are well educated in the ways of their respective religions/philosophies but would not wager on it if I were a betting man. Considering that Pamela is a vegan because her “…body is a temple” yet has had a not to distant history with pill and cocaine abuse might tilt the odds in my favor. Nevertheless, it is not just celebrities who are concretizing abstract and demanding philosophies, they are just most readily accessible. In todays first world countries, praising a concretized symbol of a philosophy or religion is an easy way of identifying ones self with the select group without difficulty of actually having to learn about it.

Just as students are reading the spark notes instead of the book or parents are hiring au pairs instead of raising their children (working/single parents excluded), so are most individuals taking a lackadaisical...
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