Concrete Patio Project

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Concrete Patio Project

Adam Kroeger


1 February 2008


Concrete Patio Project


To pour a concrete patio recreational are in my backyard.

Start Date: April 1 2008
End Date: May 31 2008


1. Get measurements and draw a patio plan

2.Assess what materials I will need for this endeavor.

3.Purchase all supplies.

4.Build concrete form out of wood.

5. Dig flat area where patio will lay.

6. Prep patio area

7. Pour concrete.

8. Cover patio and allow surface to settle.

Concrete Patio Project

Work Breakdown Structure

1Get measurements and draw a patio plan.
1.1Measure area in backyard for where patio will go.
1.1.1Get measuring tape from kitchen drawer
1.1.2Get rope and stakes from the garage
1.1.3Rope off area where I want the patio to go.
1.1.4Measure the length of the area.
1.1.5Measure the width of the area.
1.1.6Write down the measurements.
1.2Draw patio plan
1.2.1Draw rectangular patio with measurements on paper.
1.2.2Multiply length and width of patio area to get the square footage. 2Assess what materials I will need.
2.1Using Home Depot book, figure out which materials I need. 2.1.1Figure out which tools I still need.
2.1.2Figure out how many bags of concrete I need based on square footage. 2.2Compose a shopping list
2.2.1Compute costs
2.2.2Report costs to wife to get her approval.
3Purchase all supplies.
3.1.1Go to Home Depot.
3.1.2Buy all new tools needed.
3.1.3Buy concrete
3.1.4Load concrete into truck..
3.1.5Drive home.
3.2Unload car
3.2.1Get wife to help carry supplies
3.2.2 Carry supplies to shed
4Build concrete form
4.1Pull materials out of shed
4.1.1Get 2x4s
4.1.2Get drill and screws
4.2Build form based on plan
4.2.1Cut 2x4s to correct length based on my plans
4.2.2 Screw together with supports
5Dig flat area where patio will lay
5.1Dig trench 6 inches deep
5.1.1Get shovel from shed
5.1.2Begin digging in patio area 6 inches deep
5.2Level area
5.2.1Use level to see how flat my area is

5.2.2Place dirt back into area to make it smooth
5.2.3Use level again to see how flat area is
5.2.4Repeat process until area is flat
5.2.5Place wire mesh under where the concrete will pour
6Prep patio area
6.1Get concrete form from shed
6.2Place form onto flattened area
6.3Adjust form until it’s in the right area and flat
7 Pour concrete
7.1Get materials
7.1.1Get concrete
7.1.2Get hose prepped
7.1.3Get wheelbarrow
7.2Mix concrete and water in wheelbarrow
7.3Pour concrete on to surface
7.4Use 2x4 to flatten out concrete
7.5Stamp edges of patio area
8Cover and allow surface to settle.
8.1 Cover patio with tarp
8.2Allow surface to settle for one week

Project Schedule
Concrete Patio Project
Adam Kroeger

ActivityDesignationImmediatePredecessorsTime (Days)
Measure Area/ Draw Patio PlanAnone1
Determine Materials NeededBA.5
Purchase MaterialsCB14
Build Concrete FormDC7
Dig Patio Area/ Prep AreaEC14
Pour ConcreteFD,E1
Allow Patio to SettleGF7

Critical Path = A+B+C+D+E+G = 61 Days

Pure Project:

Functional Project:

Matrix Project:

Project A

Project B

Project C

Project D

Project E

Project F

Project G

Resource and Resource Loading
Kitchen/Dining Area New Floor
Student Name

ActivityDesignationTime (Days)Resources
Measure Area/ Draw Patio PlanA1$10
Determine Materials NeededB.5$5
Purchase MaterialsC14$800
Build Concrete FormD7$70
Dig Patio Area/ Prep AreaE14$140
Pour ConcreteF1$10
Allow Patio to SettleG7$70

The costs used to forecast resources are at $10 per hour, for the estimated time. The purchase of the concrete, wood, and tools is the largest expenditure.

Project Control
Adam Kroeger

The project is...
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