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  • Published : May 21, 2011
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The Concord Bookshop Paper
Kathleen M Lepley

The Concord Bookshop Paper
The Concord Bookshop was a small town bookstore that had been in operation for 64 year. It had small town flair and was enjoyed by all the citizens of the town. After, many years the financial status of the bookshop was in grave distress. The board members made a unanimous decision to make significant changes to avoid a downward spiral of financial ruin. The major problem would be that the Board of Directors failed to take the necessary steps in the change process because the board lacked employee support and input. This will be seen as the demise of The Concord Bookshop. Within the Concord Bookshop discussion, there were several phases of organizational change that was not implemented which led to the failure of the company. Initially, one of the complex yet necessary steps was not taken. This first step is strategic renewal and organizational change. The Board of Directors needed to do more than just make an announcement to the employees, that a new philosophy would be developed and implemented. Organizational talents, and capabilities, and employee input and previous experience were never considered to achieve the goal of the bookstore.(Spector, 2010).This bookshop was also used by almost everyone in the community. There is no doubt that if the Board had called on the citizens for support as well as the employees, the company might have been saved from financial despair. The Concord Bookshop was a piece of culture and of history for 64 years. The owners chose to do it their own way, which led to the gradual destruction of the book store because the board failed to see the importance of a necessary step to make the change process successful. In addition, behavioral change was also part of the organizational change process that was not implemented. Change can be successful if a company or group within an organization changes the way an individual presents oneself....
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