Conclusion for Shear Force and Bending Momnet

Topics: Force, Shear stress, Shear strength Pages: 3 (675 words) Published: June 6, 2012
After calculating and observing the values and action of shear force it is concluded that: The bending moment is at maximum when the shear force is zero or changes sign. For every member the internal forces are described by shear force and bending moment. 7. SOURCES OF ERROR

Following were the possible errors which produced a mark difference from the actualvalues: 1. Making the beam less stable.
2. Unstable positioning of loads i.e., not placing the loads on the exact middle or on themarked lines. 3. Reading error called parallax error.
4. Possibly the distance between the loads and span was not exactly equal. 5. Disturbing the load while applying the force.
While carrying out this experiment several precautions must be kept in mind so that thepossibility of divergence from the accurate result is minimized. 1. Avoid parallax error.
2. Avoid disturbance from the surroundings.
3. Make sure that the beam is in the balanced position then take the readings. 4. Make sure that there should not be zero error in the spring balance. 5. If any then subtractfrom the final result.

6. Always and every time first measure the datum value.
7. It is good practice to see the balance level of the beam from a certain distance. 8. Make sure that in screwing/unscrewing your hand must not disturb the balance level. 9. Neither put heavy loads first nor over load the beam.

1.From the experiment we found out that we need less load for a decreasing of length from the origin to produce bending moment. This can be proven by equation below: Moment = Fx F = Load applied X = Perpendicular distance 2.When there is a moment produced, shear force will balance the system(moment & forces exist) so that it will be in equilibrium...
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