Concert Review - Les Mis

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Concert Review

The piece I decided to do for my concert review was Les Miserables. I know, I know, everybody is doing it. Oh well. I went and saw the movie in the theatre with my family. When I went there I was not excited, I thought it was going to be boring, especially being that it was a musical. After leaving the theatre, I was in complete awe. Every song was stuck in my head and I wanted to go and watch it again. There were many talented actors and actress in the movie but my favorite and the one who I think has the absolute most beautiful voice is that of Anne Hathaway. She is my idol. She sings my favorite song in the movie called “I Dreamed a Dream.” She sings this song with such passion and emotion. There were two other songs that stuck in my head. One of my favorite songs was “One Day More.” Which has the whole cast singing triumphantly at the end of the war. The last of my favorite songs in the movie is “On My Own.” Which is sung by Eponine talking about how in love she is but he doesn’t love her. Every one of these songs has amazing lyrics, harmony, and vocals. Of course all of the songs in the movie were amazing, but these three were my favorite and the ones I downloaded on my phone right as I got home. Musicals aren’t really my thing, ya know? But after seeing Les Miserables, I am quite a bit more open to the idea. No matter what was going on in the movie, the songs helped explain what was trying to be said. I feel like a lot of times people can’t find the right words to say what they really feel. For most people, and me it is easier in song. When words fail, music speaks.
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