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Each student is responsible for attending a live music performance and turning in one concert review each trimester. The concert review can be handed into you current band director before the end of the trimester.

You concert review should be designed so that it could be printed in a newspaper as a music or concert critique. All of the below questions should be answered, but responses should be in paragraph, rather than numbered format.

Concert Review Checklist:
Be sure to use complete sentences, correct grammar and spelling. Answer each question within the context of the review.
Title your critique in reference to both the music and the performance. All reviews should be typed and double-spaced.
Reports will be graded on the quality and thoroughness of the response. Attach this sheet, a ticket stub and/or program (if available) to the top of the report. Concert Reviews need to be turned in before the end of the trimester. Concert Review Reminders:

• Concert Reviews will not be accepted unless they are typed. • If you have not answered the questions below, your Concert Review is less than complete.
• Do not use casual or conversation language. For example: umm, well, yea, etc. • Do not wait until the last moment to see a concert.
• Do not answer the questions in numbered format.
1. Introduction: Tell the reader about the performance. Include both visual and audio clues for the reader. Be descriptive about how the setting of the space (or the uniforms, or the programs) helped the audience understand what was about to be performed. a. The performers and the space: What type of performance did you attend? What was the name of the group (if any)? Give a brief description about the group: size, instrumentation, professionals/amateurs, purpose of the performance. 2. Development: Tell the reader about the music. Include descriptive words that allow the reader to know what...
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