Concert Review: Bob Marley

Topics: Bob Marley, Amandla Festival, Jamaica Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Concert Review: Bob Marley
By Brock Oler
Why do musicians make music? There’s obviously no simple answer. Music can be used for such an assortment of actions, that picking one stimulus could never fully be accurate. A soothing melody hummed to an upset child could likely be used for comfort or relaxation; music in this form targets the subconscious. Often, however, the tune of a song is much less important than the words that create it; certain musicians use their lyrics to tell a story or even try to influence their listeners. Bob Marley is undoubtedly one of the most inspirational performers to ever live, and his efforts to resolve hatred between races can be overshadowed by no one. Unfortunately, the concert I watched was not live, considering Tuff Gong has been dead for over three decades. Instead, I found a two-hour video on YouTube of a full show he did in 1979. In order to fully observe the performance, any external disturbances were slain. Within the confines of my room, the only things separating me from Bob Marley were my computer screen and the thousands of eager supporters who made it to Harvard Stadium that day. The concert was called “Amandla,”and its purpose was to help support the fight for liberation in Southern Africa. An entertainer named Dick Gregory kicked off the performance. He mostly complained about the corruption and ignorance that America is infected with. According to Gregory, the first step to correcting our flaws is admitting to them. Hatred against race, gender, class, or anything else can be fixed through the art of tolerance. The real problem with America is that it’s morally and spiritually bankrupt. Unity, love, peace and respect are what Gregory believes everyone should strive to work on. His speech was very unique; as for he gave it humor while strongly driving home his opinion at the same time. When it was time to introduce the man of the hour, Gregory expressed his appreciation for Bob Marley – a man who...
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