Concert Review

Topics: Music, Tonic, Brass instrument Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: April 21, 2013
WU Recital
The Washburn University Recital was held in the White Concert Hall. It featured 6 different ensembles, each having their own compositions. The program began with the euphonium horn with piano accompaniment. The second performance included the flute with piano accompaniment. The third performance included the tuba with piano accompaniment. The fourth performance was a male singer with accompaniment from the piano. The fifth performance was the euphonium horn with piano accompaniment. The last performance was an ensemble that included the flute, french horn, oboe, and two clarinets. I really enjoyed how eclectic the performances were, and the different styles of music kept my interest throughout every performance. Beginning with the euphonium horn with piano accompaniment, the piece begins in the minor mode. The overall flow and melody is very simple, there was nothing ornate or over the top about the piece. The piano plays the melody continuously throughout the piece. The tempo is moderate and has nice beat as well. Further into the piece, the piano began playing more upbeat and changing into the major mode, while changing the tempo and also modulates into a different key. In the piano solo the key shifts back to tonic and the tempo returns to moderate and the mode is once again minor. The euphonium horn has a full and robust sound, and it adds strength and depth to the piece. I really enjoyed the power of this piece, and the balance of the piano creating a beautiful, mellow sound. The second piece featured the flute with piano accompaniment. The beautiful and enchanting sounds of the flute reminded of music I would hear from the Romantic Era. This composition was very expressive, but I would not say virtuoso. I believe that the ornamentation that I heard was written into the piece and not improvised by the performer. The overall mood is love, upbeat, consonance, and very melodic in duple meter. The flute used dynamic going from piano to forte, and...
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