Concert Review

Topics: Performance, Edgar Allan Poe, Emotion Pages: 2 (801 words) Published: March 31, 2013
On October 11, 2012 I went to the Collage chorus concert. When I went there I got to experience the variety of the performances which made the concert interesting. The overall artistry was an aspect of the performance that really stood out to me. As each choral group performed, they interpreted their emotions in the songs, the energy to the dancing and singing, in Sound check and Girls in Heels, and the individual styles of all the groups emphasized the talent of the performers. As I was listening to the performances I could feel the different emotions that the song was interpreting because of the way the chorus sang it. They used a lot of dynamic contrasts to make the songs more dramatic. In the Cecillian Singers first piece “Gloria Tibi from ‘Mass’” by Leonard Bernstein, they used good articulation in the song to make the style of the song different from the other people who performed previously. The crescendos during the song made the parts sound grander and you could hear the climax of the piece. Another song that had a lot of emotion in it was “Annabel Lee” which was sung by the Bass Chorus. Knowing that the song is based off of Edgar Allen Poe’s poem, I know the song should be sad but also beautiful. The song told a story of how the love of his life was taken away and not only could you hear the sadness in the singer’s voice but also in the expressions they had when they performed. The quiet tone they used also gained the attention of the audience because the loud exciting Girls and Heels performed before them. The emotional aspects of the songs were displayed well during the performances. During the Show Choir performances there was a lot of energy that was shown. Unlike the other chorus groups, Sound Check and Girls and Heels both dance and sing. Sound Check was the first to perform and their first song, “What I Did for Love” was quiet and short and did not start with dancing but then it transitioned into “Let Me Be Your Star” and got faster and more...
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