Concert Review

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Concert Review Essay

On 2nd of December 2012, Straight Groove, a local band made up of a group of passionate students from National University of Singapore (NUS), had their first concert held at The Arts House, Singapore. The self-proclaimed ”Indie Pop Blues Jazz” Rock band performed a total of nine songs during the ninety minutes concert. “Round The Corner” “Rainy Day Tuesday”, and “Feet on the Ground” were three distinctively different pieces that allowed the audience to experience the various genres of music namely jazz, pop, and blues. Like all music, their music tells a story and this is my interpretation of “Round the Corner”, “Rainy Day Tuesday” and “Feet on the Ground”.

The first song, “Round the Corner”, is written by Tan Ming Tuan, the band’s lead guitarist. In the introduction of the song, the individual pianist demonstrated such high level of proficiency that evening that left the crowd in awe. He was oozing with confidence, and that left the audiences extremely entertained. The balance was astonishing. As the song came to its climax, there was a sudden pause, before the guitars started easing the music back to a lovely melody and it ended with the flute blending with the piano magically.

The second song is “Rainy Day Tuesday” This mellifluous melody is composed by Tan Ming Tuan and lyrics is written by James Guk. This upbeat piece is inspired by another local band Amnesia Haze. In this song, an English style consonance set the upbeat mood at the beginning of this song. A piano and guitar then alternated the melody of the song and built up the “lazy” mood, making audiences really feel as if they are lazing in bed in a rainy Tuesday afternoon. As the song heated up, the arrangement changed within the song as the saxophone took the melody and the guitar and other instruments within the band were in accompaniment. The rhythm, which was continuously steady throughout the song, seemed to get faster like a heartbeat of a runner by the climax of...
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