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Concert Review

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  • November 2012
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1) Rock Concert
Elvis Presley, Hawaii 1973(Online) ( I can honestly say this was the best concert I have ever watched, the performance was amazing and I felt happiness watching this concert. Elvis Presley was indeed a great performer. It was a magnificent concert and he had a beautiful voice. Elvis Presley is very confident when he is on stage, which makes it interesting to watch him. This is the main reason why he is the true king of rock and roll. As I watched this concert, I can see Elvis really loves to perform live and he also had a lot of energy. His styles, moves and dances made him a unique. I noticed that he made his audience feel calm and relaxed by looking at them and just smiling during his performance. Just by watching him perform I could tell he was a nice person just by the way he carried himself. Elvis Presley truly had the voice of an angel. He really made a connection with his audiences throughout the concert and I could feel it. Overall, this was a great concert and I wished i was there in person to witness it. Elvis looked amazing and I would rate this concert as a perfect 10. Elvis Presley is the greatest artist, singer and entertainer of all time. This concert was amazing, the atmosphere fantastic. It was really interesting and I didn’t get bored for a second. Elvis had a way of making people happy just by watching perform; his confidence on stage made him a better performance because just by watching him sing and dance I could tell he really loved what he was doing. I wish I was there in person to see this amazing concert because in my opinion this was one of best concert ever.

2) Rock Concert
Lady Gaga, United Kingdom 2011 (online)
One word to describe Lady gaga would be amazing. She is very different from every other pop artist today. When I watched this concert, the only word I could think of was amazing. Her performance was great, everything...

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