Concert: Performance and Review Worksheet

Topics: Performance, Dance, Choreography Pages: 3 (755 words) Published: March 9, 2014
California State University, East Bay
Department of Theater and Dance

Instructor: Laura Elaine Ellis
Office: P.E. 118 Phone: 885-4641

Dance Concert Review Worksheet
Assignment Guidelines

Choose a dance performance that you will attend.
You will need to bring a small notepad and pencil with you for note taking. Arrive to the theater at least 15 minutes prior to curtain.
Write down the name of the theater and make a note regarding the type of theater. Get 2 concert programs from the theater usher, one to attach to the worksheet and one to keep for yourself. Peruse the program before the concert begins.

Notice the following information usually identified in the program: a. Choreographer(s) presented
b. Company or companies performing
c. Composer(s) or type of music used
d. Is it an evening-length work or mixed repertory?
Jot down brief notes after each section of an evening-length work or each dance of a mixed repertory considering the following: a. Style(s) of dance being performed.
b. Your initial feeling or thoughts about this section or dance. c. What do you think the choreographer intended to convey with this section or dance? After the concert, mark in your notes one section or dance that you want to highlight for your review worksheet.

Refer to your notes and these guidelines when filling out the review worksheet. Fill out the review worksheet completely. The review worksheet must be typewritten. Handwritten worksheets will not receive credit. Attach a copy of the concert program to the back of the review worksheet. (Papers handed in late will not receive full credit.)

Note: Posters and flyers advertising dance concerts are posted on a bulletin board in P.E. 140. You will also find listings, under dance, in the calendar or arts and entertainment sections of Bay Area newspapers, or on-line.

California State University, East Bay
Department of Theater and Dance

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