Conceptualization Case Study

Topics: Mother, Family, Father Pages: 3 (877 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Case Summary for Andrea Smith
Marilyn West
Liberty University

The client is a 24 year old African American female whose name is Andrea Smith. Client Smith has three children: 3 year old female, Jordan, 5 year old female, Tameka, and a 9 year boy Aden. Client Smith has two fathers between the three children. The fathers are not involved in the lives' of the children. Client Smith and her three children reside with her sixty-six year old grandmother in public housing. Client Smith is currently unemployed and receiving government assistance which includes food stamps, section 8, and governmental health insurance. Client Smith does not receive child support for any of her children.

Andrea has always lived with her grandmother because her mother was an alcoholic. Andrea does not have a relationship with her father. Andrea always wondered what it would be like to grow up in a stable home consisting of a mother, father and siblings. She always felt she was missing something; she felt empty and constantly asked her grandmother why her parents did not want her. As a teenager, Andrea would go through bouts of emotions she could not explain. She would be full of energy one day or one hour and so sad later in the day or the next morning. Sometimes it would be difficult to get out of bed. Andrea was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder at age 15. She refused to take her medication because she stated that she did not like how the medication made her feel.

After a period of time dealing with the condition of being bi-polar, Andrea became unruly and disrespectful towards her grandmother. Finally Andrea quit school and left her grandmother's home at 16 because she did not want to abide by her rules. Soon after leaving her grandmother’s home, she met Mike, father of Aden. Mike was much older at 26. When Andrea was 18, Mike went to prison. Soon after Mike went to prison, Andrea met Chris, moved in with him and had Tameka and Jordan. Chris did not stay around after Jordon...
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