Conceptual Planning and Feasibility Study

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Conceptual Planning and Feasibility Study
Conceptual planning stage of the project is a crucial and busy time for the owner because during this stage the owner of the project will makes decisions that set the tone for the project. It is also the process where’s the owner hires his or her key consultants including the contractor and project manager, selects the project site, and establishes a conceptual estimate, schedule and program. Apart from that the owner will make the most critical decision that is whether to proceed with the project or not.

In a nutshell, conceptual planning stage of a project is when the owner needs to gather as much reliable information as posibble about a project. This process may require hiring quite a number of design and technical consultants to help if those resources are not available within the company. Once the information is formulated the owner needs to make a decision as to whether or not to proceed with the project. If the decision is to proceed, than the owner needs to select a site and establish a program,a conceptual estimate and a master schedule. The contractor and project manager also be hired at this stage.

Feasibility studies aim to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses of an existing business or proposed venture, opportunities and threats as presented by the environment, the resources required to carry through, and ultimately the prospects for success. In simple terms, a feasibility study is a proposal to determine whether a project is viable or feasible from both the business and technical point of view. Procedures of a feasibility study should include :

* Review of master plan findings such as- review and confirm recommendations * Analysis of functional brief to ensure service delivery is in accordance with the functional brief requirements * Area allocation model

* Confirmation of site influences
* Identification of viable development options
* Evaluation of options
* Make a report

Role of Project Manager in conceptual planning & feasibility study Objectives
A project manager must possess three essential attributes to be effective. First, he must have a considerable background of practical construction experience so that he is thoroughly familiar with the workings and intricacies of the industry. Without such a basic grounding in construction fundamentals, the project manager would be completely unprepared to carry out his responsibilities. Second, the project manager should or must have available to him, persons with expertise and experience in the application of specialized management techniques to the planning, scheduling, and control of construction operations. These procedures have been developed specifically for application to construction projects and are those discussed herein. This is due to much of the management system is usually computer based; the project manager must have access to adequate computer support services. Third, the project manager must have the personality and insight that will enable him to work harmoniously with other people, often under very strained and trying circumstances. The manager, after all, cannot accomplish everything through his efforts alone. He must work with and through people in the performance of his duties. This requires an appreciation and understanding of the human factor. Without this, his other attributes, however commendable, will be of limited effectiveness. Duties

The first step in the of the project manager in management process is to arrive at a clear definition of the goals of the project and to understand what problems the project is designed to solve. The project manager will assembled the owner, contractor, designer and supplier into a project team and this team is very important in this phase. Each member of the team is a negotiator due to they have to compromise for other project and making sure the main project will go smoothly. Afterward, the...
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