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Life Lessons

The Best Self-Reflections
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Self-reflections of the soul define those bittersweet moments in life that resurface now and again, catching us off-guard, showing up unplanned and uninvited, and asking us the
questions we would rather avoid altogether on an otherwise
ordinary day.
What is self-reflection?
Wikipedia says:
“Human self-reflection is the capacity of humans to exercise introspection and the willingness to learn more about their
fundamental nature, purpose and essence.”
What do you wish you had known when you were younger?
What have you learned from the mistakes of your past, from
the choices of your life, and from the roads not taken and
dreams yet to fulfill?
We do not wake up one day and decide to reflect on the
yesterdays of our youth. We instead go with life’s flow until something along the way prompts us to stop and think. In that moment, we realize that before we can plan for more of the
future, it would be wise to learn a little from the past.
Self-reflection does not make an appointment to show up.
It seeps in from the invisible corners of our mind, spills over from the edges of our heart and finds a way to capture our
attention. Self-reflection starts slow but builds up fast. A song, a voice, a smell, a picture, or a mere thought can all trigger the memories buried long ago and bring them to surface faster
than any diver can swim up for air.


Does self-reflection not realize how busy we are these days? This is not the Stone Age where we would sit around the caves and watch the sunsets or bask in the moonshine—we now
only dream of those activities as exotic vacations!
We are very busy people now. The Internet is here. Did
self-reflection not get the memo? We now have things to do,
stuff to read, people to keep up with and places to explore— even if only on our computer screens. In short, we are far too busy to stop and think, much less to stop and reflect!
How can we make time to reflect on our entire past? And why, pray tell, should we go through the exercise at all?
These are very fortunate days and times we are living in.
Our advancements in society and technology make so much
accessible to so many. Being caught up in it all is our way of participating in the New Age. It is exciting, adventurous and filled with opportunities. Being busy is our response to the 21st century’s lifestyle demands.

Being busy, however, does not slow down the hand of time;
in fact, it seems to oddly speed it up. The more we rush, the faster time flies. The more we pursue, the quicker our days
fill up and the sooner our hours come to an end. And yet as
we grow older and richer in experience, our deepest desires
gravitate toward finding meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in life.
Self-reflection can be the beginning of this. It can be a way to lock into the beat of our own hearts in this fast-paced
world. Self-reflection can ground us long enough to clarify our journey ahead.
Self-reflection can provide a safe haven to re-examine the


past. Even if we have abandoned it to the depths of our
consciousness, with careful introspection and reflection, we can slowly walk to the edge and muster enough courage to
call out to our past. We can still define the means to come to terms with our past and learn from it.
When we stop to reflect on our lives, we naturally slow down as we process the memories, the experiences, the various
circumstances and the people who walked in and—
sometimes—out of our life. We reflect on the little person we were and on the innocence of our youth. We remember our
first dabs into society and we cannot help but feel compassion and love for our younger self.
We were new to the world then. We were at the beginning of
life’s journey. We were full of dreams and visions of the future. How have we measured up?...
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