Conceptual Framework for Assessing National Competitiveness in Post Conflict Countries

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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A conceptual model for assessment national competitiveness in the post conflict countries “The case of Afghanistan” Mohammad Rezaei “”

A country's economic development level depends on National competitiveness; therefore improving the competitiveness of post conflict nations is essential for economic recovery. National diamond model of Porter and its approaches has been used in most type of countries with several studies and Model has been repeatedly confirmed; but any theory according to concrete conditions and time limits to be raised. And the emergence of new functions and can be modified according to different environments. -------------------------------------------------

This research with the advent of numerous international stakeholders as donors for the reconstruction of the post conflict countries is trying based on national diamond model of Porter, with using evidences for the indicators and determinants of national competitiveness in Afghanistan as a post conflict country by published data and surveys, to provide National Diamond model to determine the state of competitiveness in the post conflict environments. -------------------------------------------------

Keywords: National Competitiveness, Post Conflict Countries, International Donors

The global village is shrinking and those who remain that have greater ability; in this challenge -due to the importance competition, export and survival of the industries- governments are required to compete too; thus there is no choice unless compete. Afghanistan which is among the post conflict countries to achieve the goals of development programs should be put the competitiveness development- that help to continuous improvement of these indexes- in that their priority. In all studies, reports and the investigations carried out on competitiveness, post conflict countries have been neglected. In this paper after explaining the competitiveness, investigating Porter’s model and subsequent amendments to the diamond model, we review the condition of national competitiveness determinants in Afghanistan as a post conflict country. Then with a precise assessment the role of international supporters in these countries, we reform the Porter's model in according to post conflict environments as a conceptual model. 1. Competitiveness

Competitiveness is one of the key concepts in modern economic notion. One of the most important its contributions to the classical economic theories is that, competitiveness includes economic outcomes that relating to matters such as education, science, political stability, and value systems. For this reason, the concept of competitiveness is multidimensional and it could be perceived in different meanings. Competitiveness is a comparative concept that indicates the ability or performance of a company, financial firm, an economic sector or a country in the offer its goods and services to a market. Nowadays competitiveness has a broad territory and in its determining many factor are involved. Competitiveness in the three levels can be studied: at the firm level; at the national level; and at the international level. Every country is trying to use all its capabilities including natural resources, skilled labor, intellectual capitals, geopolitical situation, and cultural features for the development of trade and overcome competitors; and spread its competitiveness to outsides of geographical boarders and standing in the great economics in the region and international level. In the simplest analysis, the competitiveness depends on productivity that shows how far a nation can use its manpower, capital and natural resources for economic development. Parallel to the development of productivity, wages increases, markets will expand; national income rises and eventually citizens of the country will have more welfare. Therefore economic development of a country depends entirely on the level of national competitiveness....
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