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Concepts of State, Politics, Government, Governance and Administration

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Concepts of State, Politics, Government, Governance and Administration

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I. What is Political Science?

A. It’s etymological meaning


- The word Politics comes from the Greek word “polis” meaning “city-state, and was defined by Aristotle in his book “The Politics” as in every city state there is a kind of association and that man by nature is a political animal. - Politics is also the means of organizing collective human activity. - The essence of social existence is Politics and that 2 or more men interacting with one another are invariably involved in a political relationship. - According to Dahl, Politics arises when people living together in associations and which involve conflicts, and subject to some kind of power, ruler-ship and/or authority. - According to Froman, It is the distribution of advantages and disadvantages among people through interaction with each other to satisfy their different wants and needs.


- From the Latin scientia meaning knowledge, it is the systematic way of gaining knowledge thru scientific methods, and a body of knowledge gained thru research.


- The study of the state in all it’s elements, aspects and relationships. - A branch of social science which deals with the origin, organization of the government, the theories and practice of the state. - According to Robert Dahl, it is a systematic study of politics. - A systematic analysis to discover in confusing detail whatever principles may exist of wider and more general significance.

C. Six approaches in studying Political science/Political Puzzles (Kay Lawson)

1. Studying Political Behavior – focuses on how individuals act politically, based on Behavioralist approach. Ex; Why do people join political strikes and what behavior is displayed during these srikes.

2. Studying Political Structure –...

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