Concepts of Nationalism(Iqbal and Ambedkar

Topics: Muhammad Iqbal, Lahore, Sialkot Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: December 5, 2011
Nationalism is viewed by both , Sir Muhammad Iqbal and B R Ambedkar as a unifying spirit among people who feel akin to each other and co-exist harmoniously- inspired by common elements, such as culture and traditions. Sir Iqbal attributes this unifying spirit primarily to a common faith (Islam) which in his words "an ethical ideal plus a certain kind of Polity - a social structure regulated by a legal system and animated by a specific ethical ideal". Arguing against bifurcation between an individual's spiritual and temporal life, he feels that Islam can provide a Pan-national force that transcends territorial borders. According to Ambedkar, nationalism is not necessarily fostered by a common land, race or language but is rather a desire of people to live together, based on a shared common heritage. (Quoting Renan)- In matters of pride or sorrow. In fact he stresses that even this desire and consciousness of kind awareness of the existence of that tie of kinship is just "nationality", till it is catapulted to" nationalism" by " the desire for separate national existence for those who are bound by this tie of kinship. And this also precludes that those who will to live as a nation should necessarily possess geographical territories which they would turn into a state that serves as a cultural home for their nation (as happened in the case if Muslims aspiring for Pakistan). Dr. Ambedkar strongly advocated the concept of constitutional morality as an adjunct for true nationalism which cannot merely blossom with self- governance based on universal adult suffrage but requires the governing class to overcome their internal limitations of traditions, outlook, vested interests and social philosophy-to cater effectively to the social and economic needs of the depressed classes. In the Indian context, this means taking greater care of backward classes such as Scheduled Castes and Tribes as well as Women-by enhancing their Economic opportunities. And our constitution has...
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