Concepts of Music Notes

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• In music, a melody is a series of linear events or a succession, not simultaneity as in a chord. However, this succession must contain change of some kind and be perceived as a single entity (possibly gestalt) to be called a melody. Most specifically this includes patterns of changing pitches and durations, while most generally it includes any interacting patterns of changing events or quality. Repetition of pitch and rhythm patterns is an important factor in any melody. Melodic pitches are not randomly ordered, but are subject to basic principles of design.

• Melody is sometimes called melodic line, line, theme, or subject. Melodic line and line are often used in a general sense, while specific melodic entities are called melody, theme, or subject, depending upon the point of reference.

• In an abstract sense, melody is the repository of "subject matter" or "idea" in many world music traditions. Melody is very important as "idea" in Western music. The Western view of melody is that it "means something" -- it is what the music "is about". The melodic material of a given piece of music is what the overall piece is based upon and it is this basic "idea" to which all other elements in a composition relate.

• Harmony is the use and study of pitch simultaneity and chords, actual or implied, in music. It is sometimes referred to as the "vertical" aspect of music, with melody being the "horizontal" aspect. Very often, harmony is a result of counterpoint or polyphony, several melodic lines or motifs being played at once, though harmony may control the counterpoint. Harmony is said to give the effect of "depth" to a melodic line and forms the accompaniment material to melody in a homophonic texture. • One "property" of harmony is "vertical profile" which adds sonic "depth" to music. The effect of three or more different tones sounding at the same moment in time creates the sense of greater mass and intensity of sound as...
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