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The term ‘multimedia’ refers to diverse classes of media employed to represent information. The unit provides the basic concepts of multimedia, multimedia elements and interactivity issues required for multimedia applications. Before the design take place, a topic from the syllabus was chosen for this multimedia application. This includes ensuring there are enough resources to building the application. Then the story board was designed while the content was carefully arranged. Storyboarding is used to help plan the general organization or content of a presentation by recording and organizing ideas on index cards. The storyboard evolves as the media are collected and organized. The content within learning materials is delivered according to the manner in which it has been stored and represented. The planning phase is the most essential when it comes to building a good multimedia application. All of the information and how the multimedia application is presented will determine how much the information gets to the users. In addition to this, it also provides an adequate contents and examples of solving problems. The application was designed with the help of Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Flash. Pupils will have hands-on experience on analysis, learning and a complete control of a multimedia application. Graphics applied in this application is used effectively to deliver the messages. Animation helps to enhance emotional impact, make a point and improve information delivery. Video and audio would attract users emotionally and arouse them. The multimedia application was delivered by CD-ROM. B) OBJECTIVES TO BE ACHIEVES

This application has 2 main objectives which are:

i) General objective
To build a multimedia application that is suitable to be use in primary school level.

ii) Specific objectives
a) To produce a complete module of multimedia related to mathematics. b) To help pupils understand the basic concepts of mathematics easier and more interactive. c) To help pupils having a clear view of how does mathematics influence our life with the help of graphics and videos. d) To offer pupils the opportunity to learn through exploration rather than through tightly structured directed learning experiences.


This application is designed specifically for pupils in a primary school level especially for year one and two pupils. This multimedia application covered four basics in mathematic which are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Other target includes teachers and those who are interested in using this application as their reference. It is applicable almost in all operating system since it uses basic software to play audio and video. Since it is easy to use, it is also recommended to all level of users. D) TONE, APPROACH, METAPHOR AND EMPHASIS


A number of diverse methodologies outlining techniques for human–computer interaction design have emerged since the rise of the field in the 1980s. Most design methodologies stem from a model for how users, designers, and technical systems interact. Early methodologies, for example, treated users' cognitive processes as predictable and quantifiable and encouraged design practitioners to look to cognitive science results in areas such as memory and attention when designing user interfaces.

Modern models tend to focus on a constant feedback and conversation between users, designers, and engineers and push for technical systems to be wrapped around the types of experiences users want to have, rather than wrapping user experience around a completed system. To produce a perfect multimedia application for teaching mathematics, the concepts and problem solving must be parallel with the pupil’s level of understanding. This multimedia will tone more on student understanding and problem solving to generate their interest in...
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