Conceptions of Self and Persons Self-concept Age

Topics: Conceptions of self, Identity, Feeling Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Self-concept (P3)
Is the knowledge you have about who you are; it is sometimes described as self-awareness. Self-concept is based on three things:
* Self-image is an idea of who you are.
* Ideal-self is who you would like to be.
* Factors that influence a persons self-concept
Age: our self concept changes when we get older . Each different age presents different challenges to our self -concept . Appearence: what we look like is very important to us. We make assumptions about people from their faces, the way they dress and their body shape. Media: the media shows the lives of people with a great way of living. That could change your self-esteem. That could give the viewer a bad feeling about his way of living. Culture: it effects our development, it binds groups together and it gives a feeling that you belong to something and that the group share the same identity and norms and values. Abuse: some people suffer from abuse, there are different forms including physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Abuse can happen at any age and could have an effect on their behavior in the future. Self-esteem which is how you feel about your self and your abilities.

Factors that influence Zac’s self-esteem (M2)
Age:I think that his development trough the time was quite difficult because he experienced some abuse when he was younger and he spent almost 17 years in jail. He also grew up with feelings of anger and bitterness because of the abuse that he experienced that how he didn’t have a consistent development and that’s how he started to commit crimes. His feelings made him more careless and it led him into a different path. Appearance: I think that he wanted to have a big name because he committed some theft and he harmed some people to earn some respect and
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