Concept Paper on Dreams and Memories

Topics: Unconscious mind, Psychology, Sigmund Freud Pages: 2 (1012 words) Published: January 16, 2013
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Wonders Of The Mind: Dreams And Memories
The human mind is a wonder of nature, being able to accomplish feats, create innovative ideas & break new borders. It is always in a constant phase of work and change, further presenting ideas that make the human life better and better. Despite the constant use of our mind there are still numerous things we do not understand about it, particularly of the subconscious mind and its machinations. The unconscious mind has been a topic of study and has been a trouble for many researchers due to its unpredictable nature. A certain few have studied the mind and have become renowned in their particular fields of choice: Dreams and Memories. “The naive judgment of the dreamer on waking assumes that the dream - even if it does not come from another world - has at all events transported the dreamer into another world. The old physiologist, Burdach, to whom we are indebted for a careful and discriminating description of the phenomena of dreams, expressed this conviction in a frequently quoted passage (p. 474): "The waking life, with its trials and joys, its pleasures and pains, is never repeated; on the contrary, the dream aims at relieving us of these. Even when our whole mind is filled with one subject, when our hearts are rent by bitter grief, or when some task has been taxing our mental capacity to the utmost, the dream either gives us something entirely alien, or it selects for its combinations only a few elements of reality; or it merely enters into the key of our mood, and symbolizes reality." J. H. Fichte (I. 541) speaks in precisely the same sense of supplementary dreams, calling them one of the secret, self-healing benefits of the psyche. L. Strumpell expresses himself to the same effect in his Natur und Entstehung der Traume, a study which is deservedly held in high esteem. "He who dreams turns his back upon the world of waking consciousness" (p. 16); "In...
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