Concept of Victim and Victim Assistance Programs and Problem Solving Courts

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The concept of a victim is any person that has been done wrong by another. The definition of a victim is “is a person who has suffered financial, social, psychological or physical harm as a result of a crime and, in the case of homicide, is a member of the immediate family of the victim.”(1). Victims have been around since the beginning of civilized time before there were laws or any type or rules to govern the people. It was a struggle for power and survival and many people became victims of wrong doing, vengeance became the role of the victim, to make things right again, it was a payment for being wrong and was sought to be a deterrence to others that might do the same. The victim became the symbol for the need for justice, like good verse evil. In a civilized world people will always be victims and shows the need for a justice system that helps victims recover what they had lost and punish those who have wronged.

There are programs that help with victims get back on their feet and help them through the justice system. When people fall victim to a crime that has had a huge impact on their lives, they are usually unable to take care of things that may interfere with their case due to the trauma that they are suffering. Victim assistance programs are government program’s that provides services and aid to individuals who at the time have suffered direct physical, emotional, or harm as a result of domestic violence or any kind of abuse. They may provide shelter, medical assistance, and legal advice. This came about when people started wondering why there where so many programs for the offenders, they had rehab programs and other institutions to help them become normal citizens again or help with an illness that they suffer from. They commited the crime why should they get all the treatment? What about the people they affected and what they took away from them? So it was only right to start programs that help those that have been harmed by the offender and give...
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