Concept of Perspective

Topics: Anna Sewell, Beautiful Joe, Black Beauty Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Good morning everybody.

Today I am going to talk about two pieces of texts which explore the concept of perspective.

So, what is perspective? Perspective is the way people see the world and towards everything happened around. It depends on different people, their background and personal experiences and their positions in the issue being discussed. Thus, it is never exactly the same even for two really close persons.

And today, I prepared two pieces of texts which are both autobiographies of two animals. Novel Blake Beauty, by Anna Sewell, adapted into movie by Caroline Thompson in 1994, and novel Beautiful Joe, by Marshall Saunders. Both composers conveyed the idea of perspective through a range of techniques.

First I want to talk about the movie Blake Beauty. It tells a story of a wonderful horse, black beauty, being sold to different masters was treated both cruelly and warmheartedly, and eventually came home with his first master.

The director used monologue throughout the whole movie. Lines like “For what? For fashion!” and “He just pushed me, pushed me and pushed me!” and also “Joe has a good heart, but not a clue” are all monologues. By using rhetorical questions and colloquial languages and even repetition, the director creates us a clear view of the personality of black beauty and invites the audience to emphasize with the movie.

And the director used considerable times of the close-up shot of the horse. When it first came to its first home, curiosity and excitement can be seen in its eyes. And when it got sick the night he saved his masters’ lives, its eyes were filled by contentment when John said he was going to stay in the stable with him. And the audience can tell how sad the helpless it was when the family and John left him one after another. The director successfully used the shots to give the audience a better understanding of black beauty’s inside, and its feelings.

Also, the use of music creates an either tense or smooth...
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