Concept of Identity

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The concept of identity and it's 'shifting influences' has many forms such as; cultural, social, community, racial, sex and so on. These leave many in society with a “label” or stereotype to their name if they are out of place, unique, 'one of a kind' or just being themselves and society doesn't condone this. Such examples would be the novel RAW by Scott Monk and School Ties by Robert Mandel and the short story 'A bullying Story'** by Peter Leavitt all show influences in society where people become someone who they are not.

In the novel RAW the main character Brett is portrayed as the low life scum in society, the boy who came from a some what bad child hood. Who doesn't have rules for society and is ill equipped to understand that calling police “pigs” and the past that he had that wasn't the best would be an understatement “the cops would regard him as a escaped felon, a wanted fugitive”. To Brett who seemed not to have a chance in society and wasn't the best at school and had no focus in life the stereotype of teenagers are not put onto the young generation.

For the stereotype of teenagers as no good, budging the system has now put upon the young people of Australia. Brett Dalton who when is sent to the farm instantly puts up a wall against his holders especially Sam who does try to help him yet finds it frustrating. “Looking for a tissue” a boy named Josh who meets Brett who instantly clashes Brett replies “No” this is a example of imperative language. Thus meaning he has no voice of his own.

His own intrinsic view of himself does regard him as a tough guy, no one can 'tame him' a wild child. “The inmates hated him. Sam hated him” a thought Brett has to himself showing no self confidence and a declarative statement he gives to himself. These are examples of repetition “hate” and high modality. He uses hate. Not dislike he has a thought they hate him and thats all.

Ones own self can reject themselves in society and there identity, you can...
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