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Education involve training of entire person to enable them not only to read, write and calculate or to be proficient in a given job but also to enable them to fit themselves for living in the society, therefore, it is the training of a person intellectually, morally and physically. It is also an instrument for social development or social reform through individual development, education is a companion, it chastens vice and it guide virtues.

Unarguably, education provides the means through which youths are informed in the aspects of living which are necessary for a happy and successful life. These aspects are the vocational and consumer aspect.

Education is characterized with the following roles in the society: a. To develop social and individual efficiency.
b. It aim at self fulfillment or realizations
c. It prepare and train young people for the problems, tasks and leisure as they exist today and can be for seen tomorrow. d. It develops the full potentialities of every child.
e. It makes people critical and creative.
Different individuals view entrepreneurship in different way, Economist see it as an essential investment generating opportunities, sociologist as an instigator in modernization of societies, Psychologist see him as an entrepreneurial man and try to decipher him as a character of economic development and the political scientists consider him as a child of political system (Bard i and Bard I 2005).

Entrepreneur possesses the following features:
1. Innovation
2. Function of high achievement.
3. Organization building function.
4. Gap filling function.
5. Function of Managerial Skills and leadership.
Who is an Entrepreneur?
Entrepreneur is a person who undertakes an enterprise – acting as an intermediary between capital and labour. It is an individual who through a dint of work, grow a business from fruition to a lusty venture.

An Entrepreneur must possess the following characteristics they are: 1. Moderate risk taking.
2. Problem solver.
3. Goal setting.
4. Team builder and motivator
5. Communication skills.
6. Good Human relation.
a. The Innovation Entrepreneur.
b. The Initiative Entrepreneur.
c. The Fabian Entrepreneur.
d. The Drone Entrepreneur.
It is a common fact that people mistakes Entrepreneur for professional manager, who is appointed by the organization and paid while an Entrepreneur is not a paid manager. How be it, an entrepreneur is greatly motivated to start his new business and also manage it successfully, he is the investor and takes risks in the enterprise. He is an innovator and a manager and works for his satisfaction and he is happy to get positive results, an entrepreneur appoints a manager to carry out some of his functions, whereas the reverse is not true, an entrepreneur may also perform duties of manager in getting done his creative activities and satisfying need of achievement. CONCEPT OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION

The United States Colorado educators, cited in Osuala (2004) defined Entrepreneurship Education as a programme or part of the education programme that prepares individual to undertake the information and operation of a small business enterprise, Entrepreneurship education involves a specialized training given to students of vocational business education to enable them acquire the skills, ideas and managerial abilities and capabilities for self employment rather than being employed, the aim of entrepreneurship education is to encourage and train the recipients to create self employment opportunities for themselves through developing new businesses.

In this direction, Entrepreneurship Education is the key agent in the development of human creative and innovative talents in business. OBJECTIVE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION
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