Concept of Communication and Identity

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In this paper I will explain the relationship between communication and identity. Communication is the process of sharing meaning through the use of symbols. Communication is the most universal human activity; but it is also one of the most idiosyncratic. Explaining something that is so universal, yet so personal can be such a challenge. Identity on the other hand is the conception of oneself as a member of a group or category. People suggest that the most significant force in shaping Identity and self-concept is an individual’s sex and the corresponding gender identity associated with being male or female. Even though the two words do not have the same meaning, people tend to use them interchangeably.

Communication and Identity

In taking the Self-Perceived communication competence scale I noticed that I communicate better in an online setting. Face-to-face communication is the most audience-specific, rich, and interactive channel. Whereas in an online setting emphasizes written verbal skills with high specificity and inter-activity, it has a low richness of mediation. I feel that I communicate better in an online setting simply because I can express myself better in writing then I can face-to-face. My scores for face-to-face communication were more on the incompetent side, even though I can communicate that way it is not my strongest area. In an online setting my scores were much higher because it is easier for me to express my feelings to a small group of people or to get my point across to a large number of people.

The Way I Communicate
The way I communicate my gender, social, and cultural identities in a face-to-face and online environments are very different. In a face-to-face setting it is easier for you to initiate and interpret what is being said, seen and done. But in and online setting you really don’t know who or what is on the other end, what culture they are from or what social identity they poses. I would be more cautious in...
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