Concept of Belonging

Topics: Question, Rhetorical question, Figure of speech Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: February 18, 2013
HOW IS THE CONCEPT OF BELONGING EXPLORED IN THE TEXT, THE SIMPLE GIFT? There are barriers and facilitators to belonging. Groups that support belonging are family, friends, school and even your culture. To not belong you begin to feel alienated, anxious and misunderstood. In the verse novel The Simple Gift, Steven Herrick’s has portrayed the ways in which a character can relate to many individuals in today’s society. The way in which the poems interact with us is through several techniques such as hyperbole, sarcasm, repetition and enjambment. Sarcasm can in fact relate to the attitude us teenagers decide to adopt through our adolescence, it is understood through the voice in which we would use when we feel as though we don’t belong in an unsure place, for example, when Billy is revisiting his school class room he says “ I’d rather be a bum than a school kid”. Hyperbole is to exaggerate exceedingly, for instance “this $50 is to last me a life time” he says this when he realises he is not the only one in Bendarat that is desperate for money. In the case that Billy feels he is not accepted he uses enjambment which is not using punctuation, so that the tension builds up and creates a pressure on the reader. In other cases where the composer has used enjambment, it has created a beautiful imagery of birds and lizards climbing on the rocks above a waterfall. He describes the way Billy feels when he belongs in this place as he makes a connection to the art of reading whilst among nature. The role of repetition in poetry is to connect all the ideas in the poem to each other and the main idea of the verse novel. It provides clarity and gets the reader thinking about what Billy is trying to persuade you to consider. This is used in the poem Bendarat, where Billy is travelling away from home; he repeatedly says “miles away” to some extent the reader starts to feel sympathetic for Billy as he begins his journey by himself, alone. Attachment to a place can have positive...
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