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  • Published : June 4, 2012
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|Problem # 1: Risk for injury | |General Goal : Patient will be free from injury | |Predicted Behavioral Outcome Objective: Patient will verbalize appropriate interventions to take minimize the risk for falls by discharge. | | | |Nursing Interventions Patient Responses to Interventions |

*Maintain bed in lowest position with side rails Patient remained calm and free from injury up.
*Call bell within reach Patient and family verbalized the importance *Taught patient and family fall prevention of safety measures such as changing position measures such as non skid slippers. slowly. *Frequent patient monitoring and observation

*Instructed pat to change position slowly

|Problem # _2___: | |Diarrhea | |General Goal: | |Patient will be well hydrated | |Predicted Behavioral Outcome Objective: Patient will be free from dehydration...
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