Concept Map Creation

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  • Published : May 10, 2011
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Concept Mapping Skills

Concept Map Creation
Brenda Frank
Grand Canyon University
April 10, 2011

Concept Map on the solar System of Mars

Have 2 moons

Neighboring planets are;

Known as
Mars moons are only as wide as a large city Some scientist believe that they may have been caught by the gravity of mars and pulled into orbit around it. Space mission since 1965

Fourth planet from the sun
Earth like days of 24.6 hrs
Red Star

Both mars and earth have polar ice caps and four seasons
In 1965 done by Human exploration

Hottest temperature 33®c
Coldest temperature 100®F

The sun is the only actual star in our solar system.
Done by Robotic space crafts
Compose of mainly carbon Dioxide
Small in diameter of 6800 km
one of the 9 planets that make up our solar system

Length of Revolution is 687 Earth days

In building Concept maps one should always remember that it is a tool for organizing and it should represent knowledge. Concept maps mainly consist of circles or boxes of some type and are connected with lines in which link two concepts together. There are two features of concept maps that are important in the facilitation of creative thinking; the hierarchical structure that is represented in a good map and the ability to search for and characterize new cross-links. In creating a concept map make sure that the map is clear and straight to the point, in which a learner can learn easily from. One of the powerful uses of concept maps is not only as a learning tool but also as an evaluation tool, thus encouraging students to use...
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