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Topics: Nutrition, Unsaturated fat, Saturated fat Pages: 4 (1308 words) Published: December 11, 2012
October 4, 2012
High Intensity Interval Training: For the Serious Athlete
There have been many different theories that claim to be your “one way ticket to six pack abs”. Nutrition companies come up with miracle fat burning pills which claim that you don’t have to change anything about your lifestyle and your body fat will just magically melt away. Those are all just empty capsules filled with dried, ground up plants that do absolutely nothing for your body except for a possible placebo effect. The placebo effect is the bodies unusual reaction to a completely harmless and non-nutritive substance caused by the mind’s strong belief that the product will cause results that the product’s advertisement claims and product label says it will. The only time tested method to burning fat, increasing muscle, and getting that sexy six pack is a healthy diet and an exceptional amount of exercise, both aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic is cardio exercise like running, and anaerobic is strength training exercises usually including weight lifting.

There is a relatively new exercise method that has been proven to show amazing results all over the world. It is called High Intensity Interval Training a.k.a. HIIT. It involves three different intensity intervals; a resting interval, moderate interval, and an intense interval. All in order, they go from resting, to moderate, to intense, then back to moderate, resting, and back in order again. A good running exercise would be walking 100 meters, jogging 100 meters, and sprinting 100 meters and so on. HIIT is an exceptional way to burn excess body fat, build muscle, tone muscle, and/or maintain muscle size. These workouts can become extremely tiring and taxing on your body so it takes great dedication and motivation to keep up with your exercise. With great dedication, motivation, drive, and consistency, comes great results.

Time and convenience are definitely objects with most people’s busy lives and an exceptional...
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