Concept Analysis Process

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  • Published : November 25, 2012
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Concept Analysis Process
Aim/Purpose: To clarify the meaning of the term “expert” Definition: Expert
1. A person who has a special skill or knowledge in some particular field; specialist; authority 2. In the military it is noted as the highest rating in rifle marksmanship, above that of marksman and sharp shooter. Or B which is the person who has attained that high rating 3. Possessing special skill or knowledge; trained by practice; skilled 4. Pertaining to, coming from, or characteristic of an expert i.e.: expert advice Attributes- experience, specialized, theoretical, and practical knowledge, highly developed skills, intuitive patterns of functioning, recognition by others. Antecedents:

1. A student of the particular field of study he/she wishes to become an expert in 2. An institution with the accreditation to teach/train others in the particular field 3. The earning of the highest educational degree afforded to a person within that particular field of study 4. At least 5 years of experience/practice within the particular field Consequences:

1. Individual obtains confidence
2. Individual makes more independent decisions in relation to skilled knowledge 3. Peers feel intimidated by individual
4. Peers go to individual for advice
Empirical Refinements-consensus amongst those in a profession for defining criteria and specific competencies Ways of knowing:

Empirical knowing was used by the group as a whole and individually. Empirical is the scientific information found in data, observations, research, inquiries and so forth. Example: Empirical knowledge was used for understanding and defining the term "expert".

Aesthetical knowing is allied to creativity; transforming the intangible to tangible. Example: Aesthetical knowing was in play during this assignment. After reading our assignments, research, discussions; understanding of subject while transform into reality via the end product, the finished paper....
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