Concentration Improves Memory

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  • Published : November 7, 2011
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Stephanie Mae M. Richa Date: Oct. 3, 2011 Article Title: Can Concentration Improve Memory? By Kenneth Ray Williams

I. Summary
The basic memory mechanics exposes the power of concentration to improve memory. Concentrating can increase the amount of information encoded in the brain. Concentration enhances the basic memory mechanics by creating a healthy, vibrant and energetic brain. Combining basic memory mechanics and concentrating creates the perfect chemistry. First highly recommended is practicing the basic memory mechanics, which are enough: (1) water-10 glasses per day (2) sleep-6-8 hours per day (3) consumption of memory foods, vegetables and fruits (4) consumption of memory vitamin-supplements with memory foods, because vitamins cannot assimilate and digest alone. Secondly practice proven methods that work for you. Thirdly you can practice additional skills to increase encoding in the brain and one is concentration. Concentration can improve memory when your brain is healthy and fit. You should always practice the basic memory mechanics and brain encoding methods; then add concentration skills.

II. Reflection
“…knowledge is not power, but the correct use of knowledge is power.” (Kenneth Ray Williams, 2011) The article is about making the correct choices to improve memory. By reading and having known this, I said to myself that this information should be known by all most specially by teachers and students. This might help a lot in improving teachers’ and students’ performance in school.

“…improve concentration, improve memory!”

Since in our line of work we depend so much with our brain, and having a healthy and fit brain enables us to do our work better. But sometimes being busy with all the works dumped at our desk we tend to forget taking care of our brains...
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