Concentration Camps

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, World War II Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Concentration Camps
There were many social, political, and economic causes of WWII. A political cause was the treaty of Versailles. The treaty of Versailles was when we forced Germany to take the blame for WWI. If they didn’t sign the treaty, Germany would face invasion. As Germany did not start WWI, they felt it was unfair. An economic cause of WWII was the Great Depression. The Great Depression happened world wide. The Great Depression started with the stock market crash. The stock market crash was when people started losing their jobs, homes and money. A social cause of WWII was anti-semitism. Anti-semitism was when there was hatred against Jewish people. Hitler blamed the Jews for all of Germanys problems which triggered WWII.

Auschwitz was the largest slave labor camp and the largest murder camp ever known. Auschwitz was located in Southern Poland. They killed millions of people. The most people killed were Jews. During World War II Auschwitz became the darkest side. It was so awful humans began to kill other human beings. Auschwitz was swampy and damp, had hardly any sources of fresh water, and when the weather is warm mosquitos are a big problem. Also in the winter it is really cold. Auschwitz was a advantage to the Nazis. It had a good railroad connection. Also it was an old Polish army base. the Nazis lived in the old barracks. The prisoners were forced to do non-stop work. They were threatened, whipped, beaten, torchered, and could be executed without trail. People at concentration camps were suffering. Other prisoners that went into Auschwitz’s from Sachsenhausen. They were a group called The Kapos. These prisoners weren’t sent to Auschwitz to do labor, however they were sent to take charge in other prisoners. This group of people had advantages. Auschwitz began to expand. Prisoners were hardly fed. Prisoners were treated horribly. Block eleven was if they were asked a question and didn’t answer they would be beaten. The prisoners slowly got...
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