Concealed Weapons Speech

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  • Published : December 17, 2010
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Concealed Weapon Policy
Specific Purpose: Wisconsin should change their policy on carrying a concealed weapon and allow for citizens to carry a concealed weapon for self defense. INTRODUCTION
I.Richmond, Virginia, September 20th, 2010: “His delivery completed, a pizza driver began to drive away when a masked man accosted him with a shotgun and announced a robbery. The driver drew a handgun that he was licensed to carry and shot the suspect. After asking a passerby to call 911, the driver reassured the wounded suspect that help was on the way.” (American Hunter) II.In 2009, there were 162,019 crimes committed with 14,533 of those being violent crimes. (Disaster Center) III.With those two things in mind, shouldn’t a person have the right to defend themselves to the fullest extent that they can? IV.However, it is not possible to defend yourself to the fullest in Wisconsin due to the fact that the current law prohibits civilians from carrying weapons. V. The solution to this is to legalize the right to carry a concealed weapon. VI.There are three primary advantages as to why Wisconsin should legalize the right to carry a concealed weapon. a.It can increase people’s comfort level with guns.

b.It can drop the crime rate of our state.
c.It is a psychological “force multipler”.

(Transition: Let’s start this process by looking at the comfort level of people.) (0:59)(1:10) BODY
I.The first advantage to legalizing concealed weapons is when considering the comfort level of people around and with guns. a.First, you must consider the training of the person in possession of the gun. i.Permit required

1.Attend classes
a.8 hour classes
b.Usually 2 to 3 classes
2.Perform demonstration
ii.Know Gun Free Zones
1.Places where guns are prohibited
i.Gun Free School Zone act states that you can’t come within 1000 feet of K-12 school b.Hospitals
3.Signs are posted outside of places
iii.Gun control act of 1968
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