Concealed Carry Arguement

Topics: Concealed carry in the United States, Firearm, Illinois Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: October 30, 2012
To Carry or Not To Carry
Citizens of Illinois, is it so wrong to carry a concealed weapon for personal protection? There are multiple citizens of the United States believe that it is their constitutional right to carry. Statistics show that the crime rates have dropped in states with concealed carry and the death rates have not really grown. There are multiple figures of authority that are for and then there are those that still believe that concealed carry is unhealthy for a community. I for one am for the concealed carry laws in the state of Illinois.

There are many Citizens of the state and other states that agree with me and the numerous law makers that concealed carry in Illinois is a constitutional right passed down from our fore fathers. One Illinois citizen in particular, Mrs. Sue Darnall, teaches a gun safety class in Bloomington, IL. Her students upon passing the course are eligible to apply for a Florida concealed carry permit that is valid in 32 other states, excluding Illinois. Mrs. Darnall says "You have to answer the question: do I have it in me to take someone else's life? We don't know. We can train for that possibility but we never know until we have the experience. Firearms should always be considered a tool of last resort," she is an advocate for the concealed carry law in Illinois [Brady].

There are multiple lawmakers in the state of Illinois that are for concealed carry and yet there are equally as many that disagree and believe that it is a bad idea. "We look kind of silly being the only state not to have it. It works very well, the 49 other states prove it every day," said state Rep. Donald Moffitt, R-Galesburg. Under the legislation, anyone 21 years of age or older who has a Firearm Owner's Identification Card would be eligible to apply for a concealed carry permit. Rep. Brandon Phelps, D-Harrisburg, the sponsor, estimated the permit would cost around $100. Phelps pointed to Wisconsin, which passed a concealed carry law last...
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