Conceal and Carry, Con Argument.

Topics: Concealed carry in the United States, Vermont, Firearm Pages: 1 (599 words) Published: December 4, 2012
I. Seventeen, young Trayvon Martin, a Florida resident, was violently gunned down at age seventeen. A. I understand that you my peers are also 15, 16, and maybe 17 years old. B. Think of all the things in life you still have yet to experience. C. Now think about this, according to an article retrieved from the Gale database, in one year roughly 200 people have been murdered with concealed weapons in one state alone. D. Today I'm going to talk to you about the carrying of concealed weaponry, why it’s bad, and why pro concealed carry statements are false. _____________________________________________________________________________________ II. To begin with I'd like to analyze some of the key arguments on concealed- carry. A.Now, almost all people who are pro on this matter like to source the right to bear arms. 1.Although this seems to be valid point it has no real substance in this matter because this right refers to owning weapons, and not concealing them. 2.Continuing on with rights, as a U.S citizen it’s out right to live in a safe environment free of this added danger. 3.As stated by Representative Abner J. Mikva simple arguments or fights escalate to serious crimes because of the presence of concealed weaponry.

B.The second most argued point is defense, although this is a false defense. 1.According to data retrieved from Gale database, the chance that you’ll kill an acquaintance rather than an assailant is 6 to 1. 2.Your 600% more likely to hurt yourself and or loved ones rather than protect them. 3.600%.

C. Lastly, there is the sheer factor of danger.
1.According to roughly 30,000 crimes a year directly correlates to concealed guns. 2.Out of such crimes, about 10,000 people are killed, each year.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ III. Now that the dangers have been properly explained, I'd like to offer a solution to the horrific problems of...
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