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6. Explain some of the reasons why developing countries have not realized a greater positive development impact from their higher education programs.
Developing countries have not realized a great impact in their educational programs because of various reasons. Some of the reasons why they’re not experiencing a great impact are because of (1) the allocation of funds for the educational program by the government.

In the case of the Philippines, the funds allocated for the Department of Education is lower compared to the other sectors in the Philippine Economy. The Department of Education (DepEd) intends to use the funds to put up more public schools, more affordable educational programs, etc. the problem with this is that DepEd only creates schools that reach up to Grade 12 (now under the K+12 Program) and not concentrating on the higher education (College Level).

(2) Now that the government (DepEd) has implemented the K+12 Program in the Philippines, there will be an additional 2 years to the original 10 years of education.

According to the NSCB or the National Statistical Coordination Board with analyzing the Millennium Development Goals, there has been a low improvement in the proportion of students who start grade 1 and reach grade 6 and the primary completion rate, this is because that most Filipino families can’t afford to send their children to school due to the low income they may be getting. The effect of this to the development of the Philippines is that there will be more and more people who are going to be included in the Labor Force but are Unemployed or Underemployed since their education is not sufficient enough to get them a high income job.

(3) Also according to the NSCB when measuring the Millennium Development Goals, the literacy rate of Filipinos is low. This is either in the Tagalog or English Languages when it comes to reading and writing. This is due to having students not finish through their primary educations. In...

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