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The two contracts, the NEC Engineering and Construction contract and the JBCC principle agreement both have their own ways of dealing with compensation events should they occur during the construction period. In some instances they have similar mechanisms to deal with such events and in others they differ. Most notable difference between the two contracts is how they group compensation events. While the NEC lists its clauses under section 6, which deals mainly with the revaluation of the project. The JBCC contract on the other hand deals with it in a different way. This is covered under clause 29, which covers the Revision of date of completion of the project. Under clause 29 the JBCC lists events where the contractor is entitled to a revision of date practical completion but is not due compensation and those that the contractor is due compensation, in the case of the JBCC, the value of the contract or project will not change as a result of the listed event.

All though this is the case, some of the events listed under clause 29.1 are covered in section 6, but have different consequences. One such issue is how the different contracts deal with adverse weather effects on works during construction period. While the NEC contract states the effects of weather on the works as a compensation event...
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