Comunication Strategy of Coke N Pepsi

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Master of Business Administration - International Business & Entrepreneurship Master Thesis EFO705 - Thesis Group 2019 Study Terms 2007-2008 School of Sustainable Development of Society and Technology Malardalens University Vasteras, Sweden.

Marketing Communication of Pepsi & Coca Cola in Pakistan!

Muhammad Kashif Omer Malik 840310-P655 E-mail: Tutor: Leif Linnskog Date: 01 Sep 2008

Marketing Communication of Pepsi & Coca Cola in Pakistan


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01 September 2008 Muhammad Kashif Omer Malik Qilah Lachman Sing, Ravi Road, Lahore, Pakistan. +923214912558 Master level thesis in Business Administration (15 ECTS) Marketing Communication of Pepsi and Coca Cola in Pakistan Leif Linnskog How the marketing communication of Pepsi cola and Coca cola is seen in Pakistan and how come the strong position of Pepsi cola? The research is done basically on the qualitative format in which some facts and figures are used for the support of the central issue of research. The data was collected by approaching different sources including primary and secondary styles. The purpose of this research is expose the facts of the appearance of both Pepsi and Coca Cola in Pakistan in terms of marketing communication. This research is mainly based on the marketing communication in which the purpose is to expose the either company’s marketing communication on the media and contribute the matter to the fact of Pepsi cola’s strong position. The appearance can be better in seen in the physical manner and the marketing communication is the best possible activity for the companies to be apparent to others. Marketing communication in fact cover many aspects as it expose the products as well which can be seen by the public. Pepsi seems stronger in all of the contributed parts than Coke. Pepsi has more brands than Coke and cover higher media than Coke. Pepsi Cola advertise with almost all of the brands while Coca Cola mainly advertise only one brand i.e. Coca-Cola. Both used Emotional and rational appeals in their messages. Pepsi’s marketing share is evidenced 70 % which is the strongest point of Pepsi. Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola, Communication, Advertising, Media, Product, Culture, Messages nature.


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Marketing Communication of Pepsi & Coca Cola in Pakistan


My special thanks and regards present to my respected tutor ‘Mr. Leif Linnskog’ who put special efforts and time on my work. Though we have some issues in the beginning but those were directed for the better work. I feel great pleasure to say thanks to all of those who helped me to approach to the sources including Mr. Zahid Sharif, Mr. Atif Shahzad, and Mr. Yasir Kamal. I am also thankful to my beloved, lovely and sweet brother Mr. Asif Umer who spend full of his time and help me in the real time. He spent three full days under hot sunny days to approach different sources including primary and secondary and I can imagine the difficulty of the hot days of Pakistan in summer. Thanks again for every one who contributed my work.

-----Omer----Vasteras, Sweden. 01 September 2008


Marketing Communication of Pepsi & Coca Cola in Pakistan


First of all, I am very thankful to my beloved Allah who helped me to finish my work with good grounds. I am dedicating my work to the most precious asset of my life ‘my parents’. Firstly, I am dedicating the work to my sweet Dad ‘Mr. Malik Muhammad Younas Zahid’ and lovely Mom ‘Mrs. Malik’. I would like to add that they always support me in every matter of my life and never let me down in any part my life. I have proud on my parents and pray for everyone to have such a great parents. They always give me moral and financial support which helps me to remind their love at every moment of my life. I pray with my deep heart for them to live...
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