Comunication Competence

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  • Published : May 23, 2011
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Communication Competence
 Communication competence is the ability to choose a communication behavior that is both appropriate and effective for a given situation. Interpersonal competency allows one to achieve their communication goals without causing the other party to lose face. The model most often used to describe competence is the component model (Spitzberg & Cupach, 1984) which includes three components: 1) knowledge, 2) skill, and 3) motivation. Knowledge simply means knowing what behavior is best suited for a given situation. Skill is having the ability to apply that behavior in the given context. Motivation is having the desire to communicate in a competent manner. “Communication competence is the degree to which a communicator’s goals are achieved through effective and appropriate interaction.” SIX CRITERIA FOR ASSESSING COMMUNICATION COMPETENCE 1. Adaptability (flexibility)      a. The ability to change behaviors and goals to meet the needs            of interaction

      b. Comprised of six factors
          1.  Social experience - participation in various social interactions           2.  Social composure - refers to keeping calm through accurate                 perception
          3.  Social confirmation - refers to acknowledgment of partner’s                 goals
          4.  Appropriate disclosure - being sensitive to amount and type of                 info
          5.  Articulation - ability to express ideas through language           6.  Wit - ability to use humor in adapting to social situations;                ease tensions  2. Conversational Involvement       a. Behavioral and cognitive activity

      b. Cognitive involvement demonstrated through interaction                   behaviors
      c. Assessed according to three factors
          1.  Responsiveness - knowing what to say, know roles, interact           2.  Perceptiveness - be aware of how others perceive you           3.  Attentiveness - ...
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