Computing in the Modern World

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Computing in the Modern World
Project: The Next Generation of Technology
Due Date: Wednesday, September 5

Background: You work for an IT company in the Silicon Valley (use the Internet to research what the Silicon Valley is). Your manager assigned you to a project team which consists of software and hardware developer. Your team must develop a computer for the next generation.

Standard Covered: BCS-CMW-2: Students will identify the key developments and individuals relating to the history of computing and explore emerging technologies.

1. The technological device you design must be a new idea or an improvement of a current technological device. You cannot use the name of an existing device, computer, etc. Tap into your creativity and imagination.

2. On a poster board, you will draw a replica of the device. You should use color to add interest to your drawing. Colored pencils, markers, etc. will be provided when you teacher is here. The posters boards will be handed out to each student by the teacher.

3. Type two paragraphs consisting of at least 5 sentences each about your device. The first paragraph should describe the functions of the device. The second paragraph should describe the target market and the price. A target market is the individual or groups of individuals who are more likely to buy your device.

4. You will present your device to the class on Thursday, September 6. Your must turn in your completed project on Wednesday, September 5 by the end of the class period. You should not take your project home to complete it.
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