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Topics: Advertising, Sales, Marketing Pages: 2 (784 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Evaluation of Saw Promotional Campaign
The promotional camping that I have developed for the Storm Surge ride suits the Thorpe Park brand very well. Thorpe Park is part of the Merlin group brand; this brand aims to provide its customers a fun reliable entertainment service at a competitive price. The Thorpe park brand has its own set of unique values which I have implemented into the promotional campaign for the Storm Surge ride. Advertising for the storm surge has been adapted to suit Thorpe parks brand image and its values. The advertising for the storm surge campaign consists of TV adverts, billboards and in park advertising. All of which would be developed to ensure they are fun, professional and unique to the Thorpe image. For example the TV advert for the storm surge ride conforms well to fun brand image of the park due its family friendly messages. The use of eye catching billboards will add continue the promote the parks well know brand image. The storm surge campaign utilises the personal selling method as a key aspect of the overall campaign. This method suits the parks brand very well and makes use of its excellently trained staff to promote and sell the ride to park visitors. This method helps to convey the parks extra efforts to provide customers with the best possible experience which will result in increased customer loyalty and increased ticket sales. The sales campaign for storm surge incorporates the sales promotion method to ensure it fits in with the parks image of affordability. Sales promotions ensure that the services and product that are provided by the park are available to individuals with lower incomes. This ensures that the park can appeal to more markets which will generate higher profits. It will achieve this though the use of coupons and money of vouchers that will be part of the launch. The promotional campaign for storm surge incorporates PR to ensure the ride receives good publicity and informs investors and other...
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