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Mobile Phone Cost Analysis Report

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2.0Mobile Phone Plan Analysis1
3.0Mobile Phone Plan Analysis for individual3
4.0Using charts for analysing data6

1.0 Introduction
Nowadays, there are so many mobile phone service providers along with various mobile phone plans that customers are spoilt for choice and cannot find the best plan for themselves. In this case, for helping customers choosing a well-suited plan, a systemic method of analysing mobile phone plan is indispensable. This report will concentrate on using excel and charts for collecting and analysing data of mobile phone plans.

2.0 Mobile Phone Plan Analysis
Twelve varying mobile phone plans belonging to four different companies (Optical Mobile, Tess Mobile, Volt Mobile and Wetend Mobile) were selected for analysis. Each company provide three different level plans for satisfying different consumer groups. Each mobile plan corresponds to five basic items including: Included call credit, Flag fall cost, Call rates per minute, SMS rates and Extras. According to above information, four further data comprising Monthly phone cost, Monthly SMS cost, Total monthly cost and Actual monthly cost were calculated on the basis of estimated parameters; 200 average calls with an average length of 2 minutes and 150 average SMS per month. In addition, calculation of Max No. of calls per month, a crucial standard in following analysis, was based on average length of 2 minutes per call and 150 average SMS per month; Calculation of Max No. of SMS per month, which were used in part of individual analysis, was based on no phone call cost. Both of these two data are the result of maximum value before the actual monthly cost touches the plan cap.

As the chart showed above, the relationship between plan cap and Max No....
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