Computers the Good and the Bad

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  • Published : December 2, 2010
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Computers Hold So Much Information; Sometimes Causing More Harm Than Good

After reading a few short stories and conducting research on the subjects, I have found some interesting facts about how the computer has changed people’s lives. Computers have become the basis on which our society now depends; they are the key to communication, business, and success for many. Problems can arise however and privacy can be a major issue especially when it comes to certain websites such as MySpace and Facebook. Some people feel they have been violated of their rights and this is when the computer can become your worst enemy, not to mention how the computer has changed people’s ways of thinking and dealing with everyday tasks.

“If it is a public forum that is accessible to others, then presumably the police are welcome to participate, as they would be welcome to enter a shopping mall or something like that”(Rotenberg). There are millions of users on websites such as Facebook and MySpace, these people are posting pictures, comments, and even communicating with friends and family. What many don’t realize, is that they are posting it for everyone to see. There have been incidents where the law has been involved in using these websites to catch criminals or even people who have been accused of a crime. “MySpace has encouraged it’s users to be aware that what they post on their profile is available for the public to see” (Mathew Grossman). MySpace and even Facebook have made it very clear that its users be aware of the risks they are taking by posting any personal information. They have settings which can be used to block certain users or to make your profile private. That way you can control who you want to see your page and interact with. The law has become involved in catching criminals or people involved in criminal acts by searching public profiles. They can read posts and even see pictures that an individual has posted, making it easier to get the persons...
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