Computers Bane

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  • Published : January 15, 2012
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The computers are essential in all fields and are also used for the sake of entertainment. We are using computers in our home, in our daily life to get facilities. But the computers have more negative than positive effects when using a computer everyday. 1. Actually in other words we can say that Computer is a machine that makes everything on the Internet so easily accessible that it is difficult to keep children away from things they are not supposed to know at a certain age. Children especially who are not using the computers in the right manner are at the most risk. There are several negative effect on children . 2. Children spend much time in playing games or social networking rather than their education and learning. This may affect the child like There are four areas of development that are affected by children’s home computer use: physical, academic, social and relationships, and personality developement. Some studies have shown that children who spend more time on the computer are at greater risk of seizures, hand injuries, and obesity . 3. As everything is just one click away, children are becoming lazy and have lost the habit of manually referring to books or even dictionary. 4. They like to spend much time on the computer rather than playing outdoor games. They do social networking only on the Internet rather than going out and playing with friends. Instead of spending time with friends on some outside activities, or participating in cultural life, children tend to choose spending time on the internet. This has also a high impact on other interests. It is very easy to observe that children dramatically have been loosing their creativity and imagination...

5. The new disease on the computer or to say Internet is the ‘virtual world’. It is a computer-based simulated environment. A user takes an avatar and lives it virtually on the computer. It has its own negative effects, the user starts losing grip on the real world.

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