Computers and the Internet

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Human Happiness
It is hard to imagine anyone not having heard of a computer and the Internet especially in a modern society. Nowadays, it is common to see a computer in every household and place of business. This advancement in technology has improved the way of life by simplifying tasks that once were manually managed. Today, children are being raised with computers and the Internet prevalent in their lives which has allowed them to take advantage of many benefits. These benefits are the result of the human pursuit of happiness. Three influential ways that computers and the Internet promote happiness is through its ability to provide rapid worldwide information, job simplicity, and entertainment.

An influential way that computers and the Internet promote happiness is through the ability to provide rapid worldwide information. One way people use the Internet is to get the daily news. Newspapers and magazines have suffered recently as more people use the Internet because it is much faster. Also, in sports, people use online websites to keep track of their team’s rankings.

Similarly, the Internet provides a vast amount of information; as much as a library. But it is habitually used more now because it is so easy. For example, research can be done through the Internet immediately without going to a library and if the website is a reliable source, the research can also be approved on its accuracy. No wonder most people consider using this advanced technology because of its ability to meet their needs quickly.

Almost as important, tourists gather information through the Internet’s ability of providing detailed worldwide geography of countries. For instance, before computers and the Internet were prevalent, people essentially had to travel to their vacation to see the actual environment of the place. But now with the Internet’s help, photographs of country’s sites are available online for people to see. Using computers and the...
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